What is an ideal aesthetic clinic?

Where we ourselves can take part in designing our beauty.

It is important to suggest us intervention sufficient to our personality, self image, age, considering our oppinion, and answer all of our questions.

Where they look after our beauty.

It is important to perform the treatments, operations by highly experienced professionals by reliable procedures, modern appliances and qualitative materials. This is only possible to reach lasting result, and can be kept our health beside our beauty.

Where our time also counts.

In our fast-paced world it is not all the same how much time do we have to spend on an intervention, most of all the convalescence after the intervention. It is a legitimate expectation, after the intervention, as quickest and gentlest as possible, the convalescence is also has to be short.

We consider to our mission in the Medica Bellissima Aesthetic Clinic to suit all of this three expectations. In our clinic we are looking forward our patients by the whole range of the latest aesthetic surgery treatments (laser skin rejuvenation, facial reconstruction, breast correction, body contouring), just as special aesthetic, and dermatology and screening programs.

If you would like our prepared experts to help you to care-taking your beauty and health, ask for an appointment for a personal consultation.

Our colleague is waiting for your call on +36 20 936 2700
If you are interested in details you can send your questions to also.

Learn our latest treatments detailed on the next sides.

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