Thread lifting

The Thread lifting, fibre contouring is the newest method for tightening the sagging skin. A technique is suitable for lifting the sagging skin of the face, the double chin and the neck. The implanted absorbent fibers are the same as those surgical absorbent sutures used for decades with safety that are completely decomposing in the body. Fine, even so spectacular results can be achieved with this technique.

The natural features of the face or the treated area are retained and are only returned to their place. The great advantage that scar does not arise and the recovery time is minimal. Thread lift is best suited for correction of sagging facial skin, double chin and neck, hanging upper arm and abdomen.

It is the most ideal chose for the age 30-50. It is advisable to intervene and stop the process early in the early signs of loss of connective tissue fibers.

The implanted fibers not only elevate, but because of their collagen inducing effect, they tend to stretch the skin in the direction they are in. A new connective tissue is formed around the retracted fibers, which also maintains the skin firmly after the fibers are absorbed. The skin remains protractedly firm and youthful for 1.5 to 2 years after treatment.

Repeating treatments, the effect can be increased, in the repeating treatment fewer fibers needed to be implanted.

The procedure can be performed without anesthesia or local anesthesia, takes one hour, depending on the amount of implanted fibers. The effect of the treatment is sensible right after, but the final results can be seen months after the treatment, following the collagen induction came to be.

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