Surgical compression garments – Body contour

Body contour treatment as a plastic surgery has a decade-long history. In the world millions of such intervention has been done already. As is known to the fat suction is not a diet replacement, but used for the elimination, correction of the extra fat due to the existing physical appearance characteristics.

The different cuts on locally accrued adipose tissue causes contour difference, and it's aesthetic as well as psychological complaints may lead to. Although it is usually a local deposition of small amounts of fat tissue (the area beneath the navel, the hips, the outer part of the thigh, and so on), it is almost impossible to get rid of this surplus by dieting or gymnastics. In this case, liposuction surgery is recommended, which is used to alter the patient's disadvantages by reducing the thickness of the subcutaneous fat tissue.

Since point of the operation the changes of the body proportions and contour by reduction of the amount of the fat cells, the result is long-lasting. After the procedure in accordance with surgery scar surface, swelling, effusion formation, hemorrhage may occur. To avoid this, as well as in order to the smooth adhesion of the skin, chilling first few days, and the next four-six weeks LIPOELASTIC compression garment should be worn which the patient tried before the procedure. The organization of home care, and compliance with the instructions shall be borne by the patient.

As mentioned in liposuction, the surgical wound surface is a relatively large area, so surgical imposition is not negligible. The procedure is burden the body, weaker, more somnolent will be than the usual. No bed is necessary, but a lot of rest is needed for a few days. After surgery, swelling, local pain, tenderness, subcutaneous bleeding may occur in the affected area. The pain usually lasts for some days, with the help of a simple analgesic controllable.

Sinking-in the swelling or bruising may require a few weeks but this does not cause pain, it only causes blue-green-yellow discoloration. It follows from the above description that the final form is obtained only usually 6-8 weeks after the liposuction.

To maintain the shape of the surgery, the wearing of LIPOELASTIC compression garments with extraordinary comfort is indispensable.

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