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We work with the most effective tattoo removal laser. The special feature of Quantasystem Q Plus Ultra Light is that it uses 3 light wavelengths that are ideal for effective tattoo removal, so multi-colored tattoos can be handled.

Quanta System Q Plus C laser

The laser light of the Q-linked laser system differs in different colors according to the color of the tattoo, so that a single laser is only effective for certain colors.

So you need different light wavelength of the device, the 1064 nm nanometer Q-switched ND YAG laser black and dark blue, the 532 nm Q-switched ND YAG laser red, violet, purple and yellow.

The advantage of the Q Plus is even with high performance fine tuning options, large handling surface and fast repeat rate, which guarantees a short time.

What kind of tattoos can be handled?

The tattoos can remove that a wearer is tired of, or the part or the whole of the tattoo is not aesthetic and would like to make its correction. Any tattooing has to be removed that causes an inflammatory reaction, eczema, or a general illness (it has to be diagnosed by a specialist). A tattoo reaction to laser treatment is influenced by a number of factors. Such as color, tattoo depth, amount of injected pigment and chemical composition, and the method of the tattooing if it is professional or amateur tattoo. Black, red, dark orange and dark blue tattoos tend to respond quickly to treatments, while more green, purple, brown, light orange and blue tattoos require more treatment. In case of the tattoing ink in thin skin layers, (eyelid, eyebrows, lip tattoo) are just fine-tuned, high performance lasers can be used with safety only.

How does treatment work and is painful with tattoo removal?

The light of the laser is absorbed in the particles of the tattoo dye, dividing it into small fragments, and the tiny particles are removed from the skin by lymphatic circulation. So the surrounding tissue is not damaged, so the minimum the tendency of the risk of arising scar. (It is important to note that the cheap far-eastern equipment often cause scar is the unreliable energy output and the over heated surrounding tissue.) During the treatment, each shot sounds snappy, and tiny rubber bands slapping of similar sensations can be experienced. In case of a larger surface possible local anesthetic cream is applied.

How long the treatment lasts and how many treatments are needed?

The tattoo removal is depending on the size of 5-30 minutes may take, the larger area just in several steps to manage in order to avoid the body strain. After treatment, localized swelling and mild burning experience can be seen directly after the treatment of the treated area. The whitening disappears within ¼ - 2 hours, the burning sensation may last 1-2 days, which can be reduced by ice gel and cooling. Faded tattoos can be observed in 4-8 weeks after treatment depending on the tattoo type. Treatments take place every 6-8 weeks, so the body needs this time to remove the broken pigment particles. With the 3-wavelength laser we use, most tattooing can be effectively treated when a sufficient number of treatments are performed. This is usually 6 to 10 treatments, but may be more if necessary.

What is the cost of the treatment?

The treatment fee of the tattoo depends on the size of which the patient examination and consultation to be determined. Overall, the tattoo removal cost depends on the number of treatments that can only be predicted after the first treatments.

What side effects may be, and should home care be needed?

Edema swelling, burning sensation most common, other side effects are rare. The treated area should be thinly applied several times a day with antibiotic cream for 10 days your doctor will prescribe you. The treated area should be protected from dehydration, can be showered, but protected from excessive sodden, the treated skin surface recovers in two weeks. The treated area should be protected from direct sunlight and any other UV rays by min. 30 factor sun cream.

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