The eyes are very important determinants of the character of the face and unfortunately the signs of aging - wrinkles, perhaps the earliest to report here. The drooping eyelids and bags around the eyes are often lend a tired, old look to their owner.
The problem can be easily remedied by otoplasty surgery. The intervention consists of the resection of the excess skin of the eyelids, which causes the remaining skin to become tight. At the same time, the so-called bags coming of obese fat in the orbit are removed.

Painless operation

The surgery can be performed under local anesthesia is absolutely painless apart from the injection inconvenience aside, but superficial general anesthesia is also performed. At the end of the surgery one suture by eyes is happening the wound support, and a paper-like band-aid which can be removed after 7 days. The surgery scars 2-3 weeks after the surgery are hardly seems, and after 2-3 months are practically not noticeable.

The operation can be repeated after 6-10 years.

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