Make-up tattoo

The Quanta System Q-Plus UltraLight medical laser equipment, effectively and gently removes the not appropriate or not desirable makeup tattoo.

It can be used effectively both dark tattoo ink, (blue, indigo, brown, black) and red tattoo ink removal.

How can be removed?

The laser light absorbs into the particles of the tattoo dye, divides them into small particles and then leaves the skin with lymphatic circulation. The tissues are not damaged, so the possibility of scar formation is minimal.

It must be kept in mind that in the cheap Far East equipment, scar formation tissue upregulation is caused due to energy uneven output.

The duration of treatment:

Approximately 6-40 minutes. The treated area depending on the paint can darken, the skin's top layer can whiten, and minimal local swelling can arise with mild burning sensation, which is, terminated in 30-120 minutes.

The fading of the tattoo takes place in 3-8 weeks, followed by another treatment to reach the final result.

The number of treatments can be 2-10 times depending on the tattoo.

Before the intervention the area to be treated will be cooled down and a minimum of sting sensation will take place within 6-40 minutes of laser treatment.

Before treatment

2 hours after the first treatment
Can darken after some days
Fade in 3-8 weeks

The other usage areas of device:

Skin rejuvenation, keloid treatment, capillary treatment, hemangioma removal, unwanted hair removal.

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