Wrinkle filling

Wrinkle filling with TEOXANE Swiss Hyaluronic acid injection

The hyaluronic acid is a mukopolysacharide which is a component of the human connective tissue. Thereby it is completely natural and does not cause any allergic reaction. With the help of superficial-medium and deep wrinkles, folds, especially the nose-muzzle, the crow’s feet around the eye, angle of mouth, the glabella so called angry folds, forehead wrinkles, we can seamlessly smooth the hanging skin above the jaw, we can make lip thickening and we can solve the missing tissue volume of the various parts of the face. The wrinkle filler injections after pre-cooling and skin sterilization, barely sensibly, and at the cost of tolerable inconveniences can be accomplished. A special anesthetic cream is applied if required, although this is usually not neccessary except in case of the particularly painful lip augmentation (for that local anesthetic injection or dental anesthesia suggested to use). Injection site reactions may occur at the injection site, swelling, redness may occur. These reactions are rare and usually disappear within some hours of maximum in one to two days (in one week after lip augmentation). Small capillary injuries may occur as a side effect of treatment, which may result in blue spots, but disappear within a few days. Outsiders do not notice the traces of the intervention half an hour after treatment, only a positive change is realised. Hyaluronic acid binds water in the skin for 4-5 days after treatment, so the result will be even more beautiful.

Lasting results

The treatment is durable but not final. The length of time it takes is very individual and depends on many factors such as muscle activity, skin type, age, lifestyle characteristics. Injection technique is also important in this respect. In most cases, after half a year a first correction of a wrinkles and facial corrections, requires to repeat (6-12 months in a fortunate case).

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