Breast surgery

After breast surgery: what to do for quick healing?

It's time that you've been waiting for, you are beyond the breast operation, but the healing process still ahead of you. Whether it is a breast lift, breast augmentation or breast reduction, it is important to know that the prep for after the plastic surgery is at least as important as the surgery preparation.

Following of the breast surgery everyone lives things differently to the regeneration process and responds differently to the pain. As the result of a sudden change of situation the tension, pain and complaints that are are natural, but everyone else lives different. However it is difficult to achieve the expected result we need to be patient, and it is important to follow the instructions and advice of the plastic surgeon.

We must protect ourselves with careful attention.

In the first few weeks our every move has to be controlled, we must beware of the sudden movements. In the first days of the recovery the body temperature has to be monitored continuously. Mild heat increase is a natural part of the operation, but fever may be inflammation

After breast surgery, we should ask someone to help us with the daily work. It is reassuring to have a helping hand nearby that we can count on even if we feel strong enough. Like any surgical procedure, 2-3 weeks of sheer relax after the breast surgery is recommended.

But what we need to pay attention during the recovery period?

Because after our plastic surgery our body loses a lot of fluid, we need to make up for it, drink plenty of water, drink mineral water and drink juices, but avoid the carbonated soft drinks as the heavy foods. Follow the sometimes less is more principle and easy to digest food we choose, because for the weakened body everything is more stressful.

After 2-3 weeks of recovery, we can gradually return to our old habits, but in this period we will avoid the physical extertion and those everyday moves that can bother chest and charisma, such as hair washing (alone), lifting, bending, heavy lifting, to lie prone, driving.

After the operation, avoid for months direct sunlight, solarium, sauna and steam cabin, as these may affect wound healing. At least during the recovery period, forget the smoke, as hard as it is.

It is very important (indispensable) to wear the right compression bra after the breast plastic, which greatly affects the expected result and which has to be worn after the surgery for approximately 4-6 weeks.

Which is due to the fact that after the surgery the breast and the scars heal for months, it is not recommended to wear a bracing bra, as it may irritate both the breast and the scar.

The question arises whether we should wear a bra after breast augmentation? Since the breast is connective tissue, with the passage of time can unstretch, to lose tight end, even if you have breast implants in there - that's why it is recommended to wear appropriate bra after breast plastic.

Lipoelastic offers the greatest possible safety and comfort over the various compression bra through months, and after healing, the most suitable, most comfortable to wear for sports, during the renewed weekdays.

So the bra should hold, but not too tight, do not cut, be comfortable, but not too loose. If our bra is ideal, we do not even notice wearing it.

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