Breast corrections

Breast reduction

The too large breasts may cause physical-aesthetic and mental problems.
Back and shoulder pain, bra straps punch in tissues, skin-hygiene problems (eg. Eczema, skin fungus, limited sports activities, and some partnership barriers may have consequences. Too big breasts, by their weight, expands the skin that is suspending them, and they are then hanging.
A breast reduction surgery solves all of these problems and provides a new quality of life for the lady concerned.

Breast augmentation

For a lot of women the breast is a symbol of the femininity. If it is too small, not sufficiently well-formed or loose, sagging, minority feelings can lead to what both the private life and professional career can have a noticeable affect.

We recommend the following options

Breast augmentation with implant

Breast augmentation surgery can be performed through a barely perceptible incision under the breast fold, or through a semicircular incision at the periphery of the breast areola, which depends primarily on the patient's individual abilities, (the areola of the nipple has to be sufficiently large). There are several methods for implanting the silicone prosthesis previously selected by the doctor and the patient, either behind the gland, but placed before the breast muscle or behind the breast muscle. An optional alternative is the combined solution of the upper part of the prosthesis is behind the breast muscle, and the lower part of the muscle is implanted behind the gland (Dual plane method). After implantation behind the muscles, the post-operative period is somewhat more painful and inconvenient, but above all with the thin body-ladies, it gives a better result in the long run.

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