Laser dermatology

Invasive laser skin rejuvenation and skin regeneration with fractional laser

The aging of the skin is a complex biological process. Both genetic and environmental factors are (sunlight, ultraviolet rays, wind, warm, cold, unhealthy diet, alcohol and nicotine consumption, and various diseases) play a significant role in it. The genetic, of course we can not influence, but the environmental factors we can do a lot against, since they contribute to the collagen and elastic fibers loss. Hereby the skin becomes thinner, less elastic, wrinkles and folds are formed. The subcutaneous fat tissue becomes thinner, the skin becomes looser than not sufficiently padded or filled has become. Due to decreased sebaceous gland activity, less fat is produced, the skin loses its elasticity and regeneration capability. The skin becomes dry, its hyaluronic acid content decreases and as a result the water content and tension will be lower.

The skin renews and rejuvenates

Wrinkles, acne induced scars, and other large surface apply cutaneous lesions invasive laser treatment with a fractional co2 laser is performed. This special laser, the laser beams, column-like penetrate into the deep, the radiation damage not damaged skin surrounds in columns, what accelerates the healing process. Stimulating regeneration ability to collagen regeneration, thus leading the skin to rejuvenate.

Treatment or local anesthesia (with local anesthetic cream) or anesthesia can be processed. After treatment, swelling and redness may occur, but the salon ability may return after 10-14 days. During this period it is very important to care for the skin with proper creams and to apply effective sunlight protection for at least 6 months.

The result of the laser skin rejuvenation

The skin looks years younger after laser skin regeneration and its quality will be much better. The result lasts for years.

Our laser procedures

With the passage of time the collagen content of the skin decreases, so it loss of it’s elasticity, sagging, folds. In this, the adverse environmental impact is involved, such as UV radiation.

The signs of general aging of the skin are mainly due to the harmful effects of sunlight UV rays on the skin's structural parts, collagen and elastic fibers. External appearance also depends on genetic and other internal factors, such as disease-related processes (rosacea) and the reduction of the skin resilience associated with aging.

Today's active life style needs such quick procedures, which do not require to pause your daily activities.

Taking into account the patient's needs, as a result of the accelerated technical development we can meet newer and more perfect methods, such as the LASER.

The laser technology today represents one of the most modern medical science. In Hungary, also spread the a variety of intense, broad spectrum light emitting IPL (intense pulsed light) devices, and a coherent light-emitting lasers. There are a very large quality differences in applied equipments in the individual aesthetic clinics, cosmetology clinics, beauty salons, it is recommended to orient the equipment's efficiency before treatments.

It is important to note that the cheap far-eastern equipments often cause scar because of the unreliable energy output and bringing warmth of the surrounding tissues.

Our clinic uses the most advanced laser equipment, the most common and most versatile lasers.



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