Abdominal plastic

More weight loss, post-pregnancy, may be associated with the fact that skin dilated due to obesity or pregnancy will lose its elasticity, become fatigued, hanging. With the age the skin tension can reduce, and can cause similar problems. Often the distension of the skin involves fat overplus by depositing the abdomen.

The essence of the abdominal plastic surgery is to remove the abdominal excess of the skin, including excess fat, supplementing it as needed with the reconstruction of the abdominal muscle in case of dislocation of the abdominal muscle, by reconstructing it. Sometimes the carve-out action must be supplemented by a fat suction, which session can be done with the surgery. As a result of the operation, the remaining skin becomes tensed, due to removing the fat excess or reducing the amount of fat and restoration of the abdominal musculature, the abdomen is significantly improved.

The intervention is done in anesthesia. The stitches are removed after for 2-3 weeks the procedure. Physical exertion, heavy physical work and sports for a further 4-6 weeks should be avoided if muscle reconstruction happened also, this spare period of 6-10 weeks.

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