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Otoplasty, ear-lobe plasty

The formal disorders of the the ear or the earlobe are eternal and inexhaustible source of sarcasm.
The otoplasty or earlobe plasty surgery can easily help you, it helps to get an aesthetic nice design to the ear.

Projecting ears

The surgery under can be performed painless in local anesthesia, apart from the minimal inconvenience of the injection, (of course on request it can be done in superficial or deep general anesthesia).
The section is behind the ear on non-visible place, rarely on the front surface of the external ear in the natural curvature of the ear, also in a hidden place. The desired correction of the shape of the ear is reached by removing a part of the auricular cartilage and possibly skin, or if necessary by re-shaping the cartilage, closing the skin above it and fixing this new shape.
After surgery in case of local anesthesia with the attached bandage you can go home, but in case of anesthesia you need to spend 4 hours at the clinic. The binding can be removed after 7 to 10 days, when removing the sutures takes place.
After removing the knitting, the ears should be tied down to night for a further 6 weeks, and it is advisable to protect from cold. From all kinds of trauma (eg. sports where strong impacts can have the ears) have to avoid for 2 months.

Ear reduction

The disturbingly large ears we can extenuate with same nice result. The scars in the long term, barely visible, as they are very fine, not flashy. The section guiding depends on which part of the auricle has to be changed. The anesthesia, the surgery duration and the healing process is similar to the deformed ear correction described.

Ear-lobe plasty

Sometimes only the ear-lobes are disturbing. This case we help a separate ear-lobe correction. In case of deformed ear-lobes, it is enough to drop an incision on the rear surface.

We remove the sutures after 7-10 days.

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