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Mini facelift (Minilift), Facelift, Neck plastic, Double chin plastic

As the age increases, the skin undergoes an aging process during which the amount of collagen and elastic fibers in the skin decreases.
While simultaneously reducing the elasticity of the skin, it becomes looser and sluggish. The gravity causes the skin to sag, and the skin and the subcutaneous connective tissue become loose and become dangling.
The action of the muscles under the skin losing the flexibility if it, leads to increasing depth of indentation, wrinkles. This process depending on the individual ground conditions and moving forward different speeds. The process is influenced by certain environmental factors weather factors, (weather factors, sunlight exposure, humidity, large temperature swings, stress, alcohol and nicotine consumption, lack of sleep, overworked, liver diseases, atherosclerosis, high blood pressure, diabetes, various medicines) in addition to the individual circumstances.
All these changes are particularly noticeable in the face and neck


During facial plastic, the loose, sagging, wrinkled, excessive excess of skin will be removed throughout the face or part of it. Simultaneously smoothing the remaining skin and stretching the loose muscular connective tissue system under the skin, which is a lasting result thanks to the modern SMAS (superficial muscular and connective tissue system).

The facelift is often necessary to combine with double chin surgery, or supplemented with different interventions: to fill the remaining wrinkles and/or lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid or own fat transposition, or smoothing the remaining wrinkles with botulunum toxin by injection, eyeliner, laser skin renewal, removal of various aging spots with a laser or IPL device, lip wrinkle wrap with lipstick and many other treatments.

Mini facelift, neck plastic, double chin plastic

Each of these surgeries is similar to the essence and can be applied to the whole face plastic but also mini face surgery (correcting the middle area of the face), the neck plastic (lower part of the face and the correction of the area of the neck area) or double chin plastic (plastic of the area under the chin).
The surgery is performed mostly under general anesthesia, but in local anaesthesia is also feasible.
After surgery, swelling and suffusions can occur, which is absorbed on average over 2 weeks. It is recommended to wear a compression face mask.
The sutures are removed in 2 or 3 portions within 10 to 14 days.
The surgery results are natural, your appearance will be fresher, more youthful.

Double chin plastic

The double chin is a fat tissue containing additional fold, which is individual character property, in relation to become a body weight gain or the neck skin loose more of overhang.
We can offer two types of surgery to remove the double chin.


This surgery can be applied to patients having a young, flexible skin with not a large number of fat-containing lesions.

Surgical removal through skin incision.

If the lesion can not be adequately remedied by liposuction, surgical removal is required. The surgery is performed through an incision in the fold under the chin. We remove the excess fat tissue. If necessary we perform the suture, tightening of the loose muscle under the jaw bone to restore and emphasise the chin-neck angle. The excess skin removal also happens if neccessary.
The surgery can be performed in local or general anaesthesia. After surgery, the skin discoloration caused by suffusion pass an average of one or two weeks. The surgical scar under the chin's natural fold is hairline, barely noticeable in long term. If necessary, the surgery can be combined with facelift, if the neck skin looseness makes it necessary.

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