Melanoma control

The naevus is a multi colour (usually brown/black) lesion, benign growth of our skin, can be present at birth or may appear later. Some of our naevuses are permanent, others may grow with the child growth or disappear. Most naevuses are harmless, do not require treatment.

The naevus can also be dangerous!

Melanoma is one of the most common malignant tumor disease nowadays. The number of patients continuously grow, for the last 20 years, more than doubled. Time is one of the most important factors in melanoma treatment, so it is recommended the regular examination by a specialist dermatologist. If any naevuses of us we can see something change (e.g., change the size, color, shape, itching, bleeding, sudden onset, etc.,) immediately seek medical advice. From naevuses often develops cancerous lesions. Skin is our only organ, whose malignant lesions can be shown at the earliest stage. The early detection of the melanoma and the removal in time is the best way to get the highest possible healing rate achieved. The naevus examination is done by dermatoscope in our consulting room is such a painless examination that makes it possible to trace the innate and atrichia of the naevuses. The dermatoscope is a magnifying device that allows the pigment network structure to be examined at 10-50x magnification.

Who is advised to have a regular naevus screening?

The regular naevus examination is recommended for all people, but is specifically important for those who: the family history of occurred melanoma/other skin tumor, there was a skin tumor before, born with a large dark brown hairy naevus, more minor congenital birthmark, especially if after birth has received blue light treatment because of the jaundice, a lot of birthmark you notice that one/more birthmark changed, regularly irritated, damaged the birthmark (sports, clothing) some kind of sensation, a complaint caused by any birthmark, naevus on hidden cuts (sex-organ area, belly button, ear canal, hairy head), blond/red hair, bright blue/green eyes, childhood sunburn suffered, burn easily-and not or only difficult to caramelizing white skin.

What signs may be issued a warning the malignant mutation of naevouses?

Start growing, it changes the limit, start to spread on the skin surface, become outstanding an thickened. The shape became asymmetric. Changes the colour. Pigmentation will be uneven, black, dark brown, light brown, bluish-gray, red, white shades may appear. It starts to itching, sore, starts bleeding.

How often the naevus examination is required?

Usually every year, however in the case of presence of atypical moles, 3-6 month may be necessary for the photo-documentation supplemented video dermatoscope scan. Of high priorityt the self-examination of the naevuses, that is recommended every 4-6 weeks after to wash using the mirror, your comb is performed. Especially important is the hidden skin surfaces e.g., curves, soles, toes connected with, hairy head of overview.

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