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Mole removal

Removal of the mole is done by local anesthesia, so the surgical removal by scalpel is virtually painless. After surgery, sport and intense physical activity should be avoided until the sutures are removed.

What to know about skin tumors and their surgical treatment!

Our bodysurface covering skin is the largest organ of our body. Its function is to protect the human body against external physical and chemical temperature effects, to maintain the stability of biological activity and to perform immunological functions. Our skin has more incremental element of hair, fur, nail, etc. among these, one of the best known in the paint form of skin cancer naevus - more commonly known as a birthmark. These may be congenital, and over the years, new ones may develop. Apart from the aesthetic appearance of regular paint tumors, they do not cause any health problems. However, if it is found in an area exposed to irritation or if it is damaged, it is recommended to remove them and, in any case, to histologically control them. The other major skin lesion, the malignant tumors that can range from different cells of the skin. Some malignant tumor does not give distant metastases, however, locally can spread unlimited, damaging the intact skin tissue, and the organs beneath the integument.

It is important that these tumors be removed in a timely manner with an appropriate healthy zone, preferably as long as it is easy to cure the disease. If there is a lack of skin when the tumor is cut off so that the wound edges can no longer be united, the defect must be covered with lobe plastic. An other group of the malignant tumors give distant metastasis lymph nodes, or other organs. One of the most well-known tumors is melanoma, which can be formed from existing mumble. That is why it is extremely important the regular dermatological screening. Surgical treatment of melanoma is the proper excision of the tumor and the removal of the lymph node and the peripheral sentinel. After these formulas histological processing decided that in the future what kind of treatment is needed. It is very important that although it seems easy to remove these formulas with a laic eye, always carry out the surgery with an appropriately trained specialist to avoid abnormal, abnormally thickened, often distorting scars.

Anaesthesia: local

Time of the intervention: half an hour

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