Video dermatoscope

Diagnostics of the whole skin

FotoFinder bodystudio

The latest technology

Total body mapping, video dermatoscopia

Easily, quickly and securely - Comprehensive skin cancer screening with the photofinder

The majority of the melanoma developing from a healthy skin, and not an already existing mother tickets. It is important to regularly check.

Skin cancer screening with the Photofinder bodystudio covers the entire skin surface of the body not only examining single naevuses.

Full body mapping combines digital dermoscopy with a filter package that delivers video documentation, allowing for years of observable retrospective skin lesions.

Besides the epiluminescence microscope, all bodystudio systems include a high resolution digital camera system for perfect body images

The new automatic ATBM® process documented the entire surface of the skin in a short time

The FotoFinder bodystudio what offers you:

  • Systematic full body documentation using the ATBM® process
  • Using BodyScan for identification of the new and changed naevuses
  • The birthmark analysis developed by the Dermatological department of the Tübingen University
  • A proven method of skin cancer screening

Live Dermatoscopy in FULL HDPerfect, reliable, documentable birthmark screening

Bodyscan beazonosítja az új anyajegyeket Detecting skin changes in a moment

Mole Analyzer

Mutilation reliably in analyizing birthmarks with high level sensitivity and specificity

FotoFinder Trichoscan

Even more features for the modern hair-consultations

Laser appliances

Q-Plus laser

FotoFinder® bodystudio ATBM

FotoFinder® Dermoscope

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