Carbon-dioxide laser

Fractionation CO2 laser treatment

In a long time the co2 laser facials is applied in the field of aesthetic dermatology.

New horizons opened, however, the fractionation technology, which during the skin is not as a whole is treated, but square inch variable-density, point-like in.

The regeneration starts fast from the intact left skin parts between the puncture channels, so the healing time is significantly shorten, depends on the depth of the treatment, 4-10 days it takes.

The heat effect intensifies regeneration, significantly boosting microcirculation and metabolic processes and increasing the production of collagen and elastic fibers responsible for skin retention and elasticity.

The skin undergoes a continuous renewal of 10 to 12 weeks after laser treatment became:

  • more tight
  • more flexible
  • more youthful
  • more fresh
  • the size of the pores decreases significantly

Superficial peeling

The fraction co2 laser gentle peel is carried out less energy and be more rare than point density, thus minimizing the epithelial injury.
Faint exfoliation refreshes and smooths the skin
Treatment takes 15 to 30 minutes, we can continue to work after 1-2 days.
After treatment, skin redness, then after a few days peeling appear, which can be covered with a cover make-up.

Deep peeling

The fraction co2 laser used with greater energy to deep peel and higher point density. We remove the the greater part of the epithelium, so the fraction co2 laser is a uniform structure, smooth surface is created
The treatment takes 40-90 minutes
Deep peeling require a one-off intervention, but after the peeling is deeper, the skin is weeping for some time, so it may be necessary to insert a mask-like binder for 2 to 4 days.

Recommended for:

We can treat effectively,
on face,
on neck,
on decollete
on the back of the hand
Skin defects caused by sunlight,
The pigment spots,
Surface wrinkles,
dilated pores,
acnes inflammation pitting scars,
The slack of the eyesight’s skin,
Tired, pale, loose skin,
We also recommend this skin rejuvenation procedure to prevent skin defects..

  • Wound healing disorder, predisposition to scarring
  • if previous laser treatment of pigmentation disorders has occurred
  • Taking photosensitising medicines
  • active infection at the treatment site
  • febricity
  • immunosuppressive therapy or disease
  • Pregnancy, lactation
  • light provoked by epilepsy
The treatment process

The analgesic cream exerts its effect within about 20 minutes, then the above treatment time can be expected.
Regarding the consultation with the patient we will give the customized treatment parameters. If using less energy and more rare point density, we perform the treatment with a refreshing effect, we will achieve gentle exfoliation, that makes the surface image more solid. The precise depth control ensure the uniform deposition of the epidermis, which promotes new skin cells smoother and better regeneration.

The deep peel cases, not only the point density increase in a particular area, but the energy output also. This energy evaporates the specified cell lines to give a uniform structure in color and surface.

After the treatment, soothing a face mask, then a face cream and a sunscreen product is given to the patient.


If a patient ignores the rules on light protection, pigmentation disturbances may occur, under- or over-pigmentation may occur.
In case of the susceptibility to herpes, the infection may be activated
Very rarely bacterial superinfection may occur
The risk of scarring is minimal

Since during the gentle exfoliation skin inflammation develops on the treated skin surface, the patient's face for 2-3 days red, then brownish red, and at the beginning of the process a burning sensation, maybe with minimal pain may occur.
On the day of treatment and the following day, edema may also accompany the process, especially around the eye.

Wound, wetting does not develop, lashing does not require.
In this inflamed period, mostly the cooling and the cold water will help the skin.
The redness can be corrected with make-up right, the patient can go back to daily activities.
After the inflamed period there is a 2-4 days exfoliation, which is also not a side effect, but leaves the top layers of the skin, tired of color and surface irregularities. We recommend a special, non-irritating, retanning cream.

this type of intervention needs a very short healing time: after of 1-2 days of redness a good exfoliation occurs so it's not necessary everyday activities relevant reorganisation.
In this case, in order to achieve the best results, the treatment should be repeated 3-5 times per month.

In the case of deep peeling, a few days post-treatment is required, which, besides special local treatment, also occasionally needs binding.
Even a one-off treatment can make the desired result.

Initially, the regenerating skin is pink, then gradually becomes faded to normal skin color.
It is necessary to avoid sports activity with increased sweating for a couple of weeks

It may be necessary to treat systemic or local antibiotics in order to prevent superinfection.

Due to the express light sensitizing effect of the treatment, the solarium and natural sunlight are not recommended, or the application of a high factor sunscreen cream is prescribed to the patient. In the interest of increased security laser treatments can be performed from autumn to spring.

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