Q linked laser

  • Q-linked lasers can be used to remove tattoos of any color. In q-linked mode, at very low pulse rate, (6ns) of very high energy can be discharged (hundreds of megawatts), thus guaranteeing the most effective photoacoustic effect without heating the tissues. Finally the skin pigments to be removed and the tattoo dye are discharged into small units absorbed by phagocytosis.
  • With short and long pulse components effective hair removal, vascular lesion treatment, skin rejuvenation and tightening can be achieved.

1064 nm Nd:Yag in Q-switched mode, very suitable for dark tattoo inks, (blue, indigo, brown, black) removal, as well as liver-spots, and cafe au lait spots, Ota and Ito naevuses treatment. The 532 nm q-switched Nd:Yag laser is an excellent supplement to the 1064 nm version, since this module is the problematic red-colored tattoo ink to remove is also suitable for.

Ultralight is also suitable for surface and deeper vascular treatments.

Anti aging:

Enlarged pores photorejuvenation skin tightening

Pigmented lesions

Café-au-lait lentigo melasma/cloasma becker nevus OTA/ITO nevus

Surgical dermatology:

keloid treatments
scar treatment
operation scars
eborroic keratosis


removing unwanted hair (for dark skin type)

Vascular lesions:

spider veins

Tattoo removing:

dark tattoo ink removal (blue, indigo, brown, black), red tattoo ink removal

Main application area:

Q-PLUS Serie

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