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Radio frequency gease removal

Bodytite is a revolutionary new grease removal

Body contouring is the one of the most popular aesthetic procedure of the cosmetic treatments. To the optimal solution the less dangerous reduction of the fat, and the maximal retraction of the skin are needed.

The BodyTite body contouring procedure uses a radio frequency energy for fat reduction and skin retraction. The radio frequency waves progress from the inner cannula toward to the external electrode on the surface of the skin. The intensity of radio waves is controlled by online measurement of skin temperature and tissue resistance. The heat around the cannula end reduces the bleeding possibility, liquefies the fat, reduce the pain after the procedure, bruising and edema. With uniform radio frequency heat, you can reduce excess fat and contour.

Due to the parallel liquefying and aeration of fat, BodyTite is a fast single-phase process. The contraction of the fibrous walls and the warm effect rectraction of the collagen of the skin results in immediate body constriction, which will continuously reach the final result over the next 6 months.

Why this procedure is better:

We can perform scarring surgery with large section with a few millimeters of section (belly, waist, thigh, buttock, upper arm, double chin).

More tolerable post-operative period for the patient

The healing time is shortened

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