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Medifirm ltd. as a data controller undertakes to ensure that it’s data management complies with applicable laws in force and the requirements set out in this code

The user authorizes the service provider to handle the personal information sent by registering

The user agrees to the personal data that it has provided to the service provider's database and to the service provider, upon receipt of the possible denial statement, use any of its own marketing activities and direct marketing for direct marketing, without providing any additional remuneration or authorization, electronically providing information about its events, news and offers. The data manager is the provider of Medifirm ltd. who provides the data for information on self-determination and freedom of information in 2011 cxii. As well as the provisions of other relevant legislation.

The data supply is voluntary, however, the user acknowledges that, if legislation on the service for mandatory data manager provides the user asked for deletion the service provider only mandatory data management after you know enough to do-

The service provider registered on the website does not disclose your personal information to other third parties without prior informed consent.

User registration and accept the site's terms of use. if the user is aware that data of other persons from unauthorized use, immediately contact us at the mail address.
The website contains information about health and aesthetic interventions, as well as multimedia content, including movie, photo, sound. Information from public sources will be published on the website with a reference to the source. The information on the availability of the website will only be displayed if it has been provided by public data or the data owner.

The information and data on the website are for information purposes only, for the sake of completeness, authenticity and possible modification of medifirm ltd. does not take responsibility

A Medifirm ltd. will not be liable for damages caused by the use of the Website, its use, its inability to use, inadequate operation, failure, line or system failure, the virus it carries, or any unauthorized alteration of the data by anyone.

The website displayed names, terms, logos, pictures, graphics, ideas, data and information, in whole or in part under copyright, and that unauthorised use is against the law.

The website of any part of copy related to all rights reserved. Processing and sale of content on the site is prohibited by Medifirm ltd. Without written consent. The sides of intelligence over the only the source by reference to be.

While using the website log on your web activity by way of the legislation in force permitted mainly related to the service. Logs are used for statistical purposes and technical debugging as needed, and only technical staff members have access to them. The personal information that we know in this way is only temporarily stored and will be permanently deleted. (Logs mean the logs of our servers. They carry important information for our operation and we optimize our systems by analyzing them, discovering any mistakes. The logs I just deleted because their storage resources will consume.) Your entered datas when registering website not displaying to other users of the service.

Data secuity

Data Manager designation
Name: MediFirm Kft.
Seat and Letter address: 1125 Budapest, Istenhegyi út 29.
Telephone: +36 20 461-4847
Email address:
Identity numbers
NAIH- in process


For the registration process is governed at all times based on the ASZ point II. - the separate handling of personal data.

The handled personal data

During visits to the website, one or more cookies, that is, a small file containing a string of characters, are sent to the visitor's computer, which will allow its browser to be individually identifiable. These cookies are provided by google, they are used through the google adwords system. These cookies will only be sent to the visitor's computer by visiting some sub-pages, so in this case only the fact and the time of visiting that sub-page will be stored, no other information.
The use of the cookies sent is the following: Third-party vendors, including google, are storing these cookies if a user has previously visited the advertiser's site and that they are displaying ads to the user through third-party vendors - including those on their google partners' web sites. Users can block google's cookies on the google ads turn off page. May also indicate the users that the Network Network Advertising Initiative opt-out page of the external service providers cookies, also disable.

Used cookies:
  • Analytics, follow cookies
  • Follow-up through websites
  • login, user id session cookie

The legal basis for data management is information on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information related to the 2011. year CXII. tv. (Infotv.) 5.§ (1) bek. a) -the voluntary contribution of the person concerned. The user giving consent for each of the data handlers with the use of the website, by registering or by voluntarily providing the data in question.
The purpose of data management is to provide the services available on the web site. The service provider will target the data provided by the data subject if the user is subscribed to a newsletter and stores it for newsletters. The data to be automatically captured are intended for statistical preparation, technical development of the IT system, protection of user rights.
The MediFirm data management principles are in accordance with the data protection related legislation with especially the following:
- 1995. year CXIX. law –(Katv.); the purpose of the research and direct business acquisition for name and address data management
- 2001. year CVIII. law – (Eker. tv.); E-commerce services and information society services
- 2003. year C. law – (Eht.); Electronic Communications
- 2008. year XLVIII. law – (Grt.). economic conditions and advertising of certain fundamental limitations
- 2011. year CXII. law – (Infotv.); the information self-determination right and the freedom of information
Users will ensure by registration that third parties have no right to restrict or prevent the provider from using user-uploaded content under these terms of use.
In connection with uploaded content, the user authorizes the service provider to include those (or their parts, extracts, revised versions, and so on) appear on various web sites or other off-line surfaces.

All content on this site may be printed, downloaded or distributed for personal use only and may be used only with the written consent of the service provider. Users are required to comply with the 2011 year CXII law on information self-determination and freedom of information, and other applicable data protection laws.

The provisions of Hungarian law shall govern the provisions of these Terms of Use

Newsletter, DM activity

The 6§ of the XLVIII law in year 2008 on the Fundamental Terms and Limitations of Economic Advertising Activity, the User may expressly and expressly consent to the search of advertisers and other correspondents at the time of registration.

And a customer may, in keeping with the provisions of this Prospectus, contribute to providing a service provider with the personal data necessary for sending advertisements.

The service provider does not send unsolicited advertising messages and, the User without restriction or justification can unsubscribe from sending bids free of charge. In this case, service all the advertising messages necessary to send personal information delete from records and further advertising with offers not looking for the user. You can unsubscribe from ads by clicking the link in the message.

The 2011 information on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information CXII In accordance with Article 20 paragraph 1 of the Act, it is necessary to define the following in the data handling of the newsletter transmission:

  • A / the data collection fact
  • B / group of stakeholders
  • C / purpose of data collection,
  • D / Duration of data management
  • E / the possible controllers authorised to acquire of data met
  • F / the concerned data controller in connection with the rights description of

The data collection fact: name, e-mail address, date, time
Group of stakeholders: Everyone who subscribes to the newsletter
The purpose of data management advertisement containing an electronic message and send the relevant part to provide the information to the current information, products, discount, new functions, etc.
Time period of data handling, the data erasure period of the consent to withdrawal, i.e. the opt out for the data management
The person who is able to access the data can access personal data by the data management staff, while respecting the above principles.
Those concerned with data handling related to the rights of description of the affected at any time, free version, can unsubscribe from the newsletter
The data controller is the legal basis of the subject's voluntary consent, the infotv. 5. Paragraph 1, and on the economic advertising activities, basic conditions and certain limitations of the 2008. year XLVIII. law 6. Paragraph 5
The advertiser, the advertiser or the advertiser of the advertisement in the circle specified in the consent, keeps records of the personal data of the persons making the declaration contributing to them. The data on the addressee of the advertisement set out in this register can only be handled in accordance with the declarations of consent until its revocation and can only be handed over to third parties with the prior consent of the person concerned.


The 2011 information on the right to information self-determination and freedom of information CXII In accordance with Article 20 paragraph 1 of the Act, it is necessary to define the following in the data handling of the newsletter transmission:
  • A / the data collection fact
  • B /group of stakeholders
  • C /purpose of data collection,
  • D /Duration of data management
  • E /the possible controllers authorised to acquire of data met

The fact of collecting data, the range of data being treated, as well as the user's public profile.
The number of all the concerned who are registered in the facebook. com community page, and "like" the website

c) The purpose of data management is site, share or store some of the content elements, products, actions or web site of the webshop

Time period of data handling, the data met possible controllers authorised to acquire and those concerned with data handling relating to the rights description. The source of the data, their handling, the manner of transfer and the legal basis the can found out about the subject.
The data management the website is implemented so that the data management for the duration, method, and data deletion and modification possibilities of the social media policy for (, (

The legal basis for data management is the volunteer's consent to the personal data of website.

The legal basis for data management is the volunteer's consent to the personal data of website.

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